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XBA TP Analytics Software

Our core software module consists of a central platform and database with basic computational relationships for all transfer pricing methods for the most common transfer pricing transactions. This includes data import modules and standardized common outputs for easy replication and updating. This core platform then be can be modified to create a custom transfer pricing solution, which is modeled on your unique transfer pricing processes, data inputs, organizational structure and reporting requirements. From here, additional value may be produced by automating certain other functions by leveraging your existing ERP structure, databases, systems and capabilities.

Our easily customizable core software can create value by eliminating redundant manual computational tasks and spreadsheet modelling, while improving the quality of data and analysis, which can lead to better informed decisions, and flexibility in pricing methods and results. Our software can be used as the basis for automating substantial portions of the transfer pricing compliance process, adding automation to information gathering, surveys, economic analyses, report writing, while enabling more sophisticated economic and functional analyses. Our software can also include financial controls to facilitate compliance with Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 - Section 404, and can incorporate and produce information useful for FIN-48 and ASC-740 compliance. Often the analytics produced by our software and related pricing models can lead to substantial improvements in the efficiency of transfer pricing operations.

XBA Custom ERP and Web Tools

We design ERP and web-based tools that facilitate the automation and use of our core analytics software in your ERP environment. We can implement our core software in any ERP environment, with automated data flow, web- and intranet based surveys, comparables analyses, report writing, updating and archiving and work-flow solutions. Additional customizations can include custom reports and diagnostics, and automated documentation and reporting tables and analyses.

Our transfer pricing system design can include automation solutions such as intranet and web-based data gathering, central processing, with controls and measurement mechanisms, process maps, work-flow solutions and other functionalities as needed – all designed by experienced transfer pricing economists and implemented by proficient transfer pricing software programmers. Our systems can be fully or partially automated, and facilitated with supporting services on a full, partial or supplementary outsourcing basis.

XBA Diagnostics and Reporting

We can assist in the development of transfer diagnostics and reporting systems and policies that maximize the efficiency and value of your transfer pricing controls and documentation. With software automation and the ability to incorporate advanced transfer pricing economics and risk management and reporting processes into an integrated system, transfer pricing execution can become more efficient, and more time can be spent on strategic transfer pricing policy and planning activities. We can design software that can automate data gathering and analyses to ensure better control over your transfer prices. Our economists can combine this with proven strategies for value maximization.

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