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We have developed a number of transfer pricing analytic and quantitative approaches that complement our software and automation tools. Virtually all of our solutions, strategies and approaches have been implemented by taxpayers, and several have been documented in published papers. Our approaches often rely on strategies that are enabled by our technology, and developed from insights made possible with analytics, combined with economic and financial theory and analyses. Some of our approaches involve small changes and adjustments to transfer prices and/or their inputs that can produce substantial value with little cost, while other approaches are more strategic with more substantial structural and transactional changes and value.

XBA TP Policy and System Design

We can assist in the development of transfer pricing systems and policies that maximize the efficiency and value of your transfer pricing - with or without our core analytics software and related solutions. However with software automation and the ability to incorporate advanced transfer pricing economics and risk management and reporting processes into an integrated system, transfer pricing policies can become more efficient, and more time can be spent on strategic transfer pricing policy and planning activities.

Our approach to transfer pricing policy and system design are based on a meta-analytics view of transfer pricing, which means our analysis focuses on the process of transfer pricing itself. This often includes understanding the importance and value of effective transfer pricing policies, gap analyses between current and desired results, obstacles to effective transfer pricing management and control, how transfer prices are determined – and whether more effective and efficiency processes are possible with better data, analytics and economic expertise.


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We can provide training to transfer pricing practitioners and tax departments, on basic, intermediate and advanced transfer pricing topics, including on topics and approaches we have developed. Our training can be provided in modules, covering several hours to several days. We can provide curriculums on request.

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